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The Seed

The Seed

It's dark here.

It's damp.

I can't see anything.

But I can feel something. The one above that comes by once in a while to meet me. Their smile. Their love. I feel it.

Water. I need water. They sometimes give it. They sometimes don't. I wish I could tell them how much I appreciate it when they give it. They don't have to. But they go out of their way to make sure I have some.

I sit here. I am patiently waiting, letting my limbs slowly stretch. One day, I will meet that person above. I will show them that all their love hasn't gone to waste. I was here the whole time. I was listening!

Laughing when they laughed—crying when they cried. Yearning to one day break out of my earthly womb and into their world.

Until then, I will continue to grow. I will continue to dream of the day when we finally get to meet. Even though you planted me, you'll never guess what I will look like in my final form.

Till then, my friend.

We have a seed—a seed of a gift. It is there, deep within us. Sitting patiently, waiting for us to take notice of it finally.

Like any other seed, this gift needs to be cared for. A normal seed would need safety, water, and room to grow. Your gift is no different.

It requires nourishment, safety, and room to grow.

But these seeds are hidden. Deep within us. Some people have the good fortune of naturally acting on their gifts, while others need first to find their seed. When we find our seed, we have found something more valuable than the world's rarest diamond. We have found that which facilitates our greatest good.

Our gifts must first be discovered and then intentionally nurtured. Those who love nurturing the seed of their gift never worry if they will have a harvest to reap. - Joseph Nguyen

To find your seed. You must become quiet. How can you find the most valuable treasure when the labyrinth of your mind is constantly moving?

Try this guided track if you need some direction:

Here are a few prompts that may be useful:

What do you do to express your creativity?

What are you doing when you feel truly alive?

What are you doing that makes you feel most like yourself?

What feels like play to you? But looks like work to others.

What are you doing when you feel the most good?

Try to answer these if you can. Let answers spontaneously come up. These are possible activities that your gift may support.

"But what if I don't know the answers? What if I don't know what feels good."

That is okay! Try to do this instead.

You might have an intuition about what your gift/gifts are. But maybe you feel unsure.

Try this instead: What would you feel if you did know what your gift was? You don't need any gift in mind, but all you need to do is to feel that feeling.

How would you feel if you not only knew what that gift was but were actively growing it? How would that feel? Let those naturally good feelings come up. Tap into the good that is already there.

Notice if any thoughts related to that feeling arise. See if there are hints about what that feeling points to.

You will most likely have the experience of the activity/thing that your gift might support. Your feelings know a lot more than you do.

Investigate those activities. Think about doing just 5 minutes of that activity daily to test if it is the right fit. Try it out. If you've never done it before, don't worry too much about being "good." Just try your best.

It's more important to try than to be "good."

Go on, grow your seed!

With love,