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You are an alchemist

You are an alchemist

Listen to your inhale.

Please pay attention to where you feel it. It may be felt around the tip of your nose or the bottom of your belly.



Over & over.

Taking in the raw material of the universe and converting it into life. With each inhale, air rushes into your lungs, willingly sacrificing itself for you and willingly burning itself so that you can be.

What a simple process. But it's proof you're nothing short of a miracle.

Here you are, on a floating speck in a universe billions of years old.

You are here. Isn't that a bit far out? A bit wild?

The conditions for your awareness are miraculous.  

Try to hold the infinite in your mind for a second.

Imagine the speck of dust that is our planet in an infinitely large universe. It's so big. See how it fills your mind. That feeling of expansion. It's a bit scary, I won't lie, but behind the fear is pure wonder.

You see all the things that you see.

You hear all the sounds you can hear.

You feel all that you feel.

It is known. To you.

It's these emotions that I would like to explore.

What are you feeling right now?

What are you REALLY feeling right now?

Drop the distractions for a second. Close your eyes and feel it. Feel whatever is coming up. Maybe nothing is coming up, and that is okay, but if there is something there, give it your loving attention.

The miracle of emotion is neither good nor bad. It simply is.

Fear is not bad.

Like how joy is not good.

They both are.

Behind each emotion exists a type of energy. An internal type. This energy doesn't have a name. How could you possibly name something that is without quality?

It is the cause, while emotion is the effect.

Whatever this energy is, this is your alchemical birthright.

When you tap this emotional source – things start to happen. Beautiful things.

But there's a catch.

This energy can only be directly accessed by being in a somewhat scary, unfamiliar place.

The Unknown.

The unknown is a place of pure potentiality.

Beyond the sub-routines of our human body-minds, this space always exists. It is here every moment of every day. But we miss it.

Why? Because we get distracted.

We live in a world filled with things. That's the nature of our reality. To be filled with this abundance of activity.

And so it becomes difficult to become focused. Which means we miss our chance to communicate to this space.

Eliminating all distractions leads to automatic focus.

Firstly, we don't need more focus.

We need less distraction. And so, if you wish to speak to the Unknown, take it upon yourself to clear whatever is distracting you.

Maybe that means cleaning your space, sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, letting worried thoughts go, letting thinking go, letting emotions go, and instead paying attention to paying attention.

Being mindful of your breath continuously, without breaks, seeing it go up and then down. Noting its gentle movement.

Slowly, you'll start to find a very natural focus starting to surface.

You may interpret this experience as being IMMENSELY present beyond past & future, just being here now. Feel this, try to increase this feeling, make it big, and jump into it.

This means that the unknown is answering your call— it's time to have a conversation.

The unknown is always there, listening. It's just that we've become too distracted to hear it. To knowingly talk to it.

Now that we've quieted things down, we can experience what true alchemy means.

This is a place of surrender. Expectations don't work here. You can't know what you need before you need it. In much the same way, you've got to play things by ear while in this state.

Hold this space. Learn to manage the expected fear response. Don't give in to it. Let it ride. It, too, has a right to exist.

It's your turn to talk. The communication line is open.

Ask the unknown what needs to be expressed through you right now, what you need to know.

Imagine that the universe is now ultra receptive to you as you are now ultra receptive to it.

You may feel something come up—a powerful feeling. This is your birthright. Your true power.

It was always there like a seed in the ground, waiting for the right conditions to grow. By giving your attention, you're watering the seed of your greatest good. It is now growing, and eventually, it will bloom.

In what ways will it bloom? Nobody can know for sure. That is what makes this process so noteworthy. It is all up in the air. Completely original.

Let this powerful feeling grow. Give it the energy of your attention. Grow it!

It's time to channel this energy. It's like when you build a static charge by rubbing your feet on some carpet. You're now charged and ready to transmute this energy into physical form.

All that is needed is to ask yourself:

  • What wants to be expressed through me right now?
  • What truth wants to be expressed through me now?
  • What is my intuition telling me?
  • What am I really feeling right now?

And most importantly...

How can I articulate my feelings through my art? (work, play, action, whatever)

Don't think too hard about practicalities. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Do that. Now.

Just go. Try it.

We created an energetic charge by removing distractions, surrendering our current experience, and feeling VERY present.

That charge is then harnessed by a series of questions we ask, which leads to a few thoughts/ideas that are imbued with this energy.

All that is left is to take that action.

There is no right or wrong here. Try it out and see how it makes you feel.


"Creating is simply the translation of emotion and thoughts into form."

All emotions can be used for creation. The best emotion for creation is the one you feel RIGHT NOW.

Make this process a habit by taking 5 minutes every day to do it.

There are 3 ways in which habits fail to take root.

  1. There is no prompt to do the process.
  2. The process is too hard.
  3. You don't celebrate immediately after doing the process.

Avoid these three. Create a prompt for yourself. Maybe every time you open your computer, you will do this behaviour. Make this process easy by just committing to 5 seconds of doing it. And lastly, celebrate HARD after doing it, even if it was only 5 seconds. Throw your hands in the air, scream, and smile!

This is what I call genuinely creative, inspired action. It doesn't come from thinking. It comes from asking & listening.

Go forth and create.

With love