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Values Are Misunderstood

Values Are Misunderstood

Today's post is different.

I will attempt to share this story about values using pictures & captions only.


Because words are overrated. So 2008.

Happy Friday Alyssa, Eli, and Drew! Hope you guys are having a great day! 

what you might value
are your values real? or just figments of your imagination?
well if they were real, where are they? look for them. I bet you can't find them. All you got are guesses.
so you despair. you can't find your values anywhere. the human journey map of a person realizing that values don't exist.
did I seriously make this? yes. I did. I will definitely regret doing so ten years down the line.
your values are easily accessible. they are on your calendar.
your values are found in your everyday actions. not what you think. there are no values in your mind.
so we're all a bit hypocritical. we say we value x but our actions say otherwise. what to do?
take a walkthrough, with as much detail as possible, of all the things you did yesterday
Reflect on each thing that you did. Be very detailed. And mark them accordingly. Good & Bad is relative, so use your best judgment.
Compare your list with the mental list you have. Is there harmony?
example: investigate your "value" of the environment. do your actions match these values? if so, then that's a value you hold. if not, stop fooling yourself. 
how do you change your values? by changing your identity.
your identity might seem like a scary thing to change. but we can change it. and I'll show you that it's not hard.
2 steps to easy identity change -> source.
Decide who you want to be. If you didn't identify as a smoker, you wouldn't smoke. So form an identity around your values.
Invest in the right identity. Instead of money, the currency is action. Small wins. Nothing huge.
If you keep going, you will eventually reach critical mass. Your gains will compound like crazy.
you'll then live your values. not just think about them.