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Your Breath

Your Breath

Your Breath is a mobile breath-work companion that guides you through personalized breathing exercises specifically designed to help optimize your health & wellness.

We all need food, water, and shelter. You can only survive a few weeks to months with no food. A few days with no water. You probably won't survive overnight, in some places, without adequate shelter.

But what about our breath? Could we live without that?

Only a few minutes.

We need to breathe

It's obvious, but it's easy to overlook. The modern person has many things to worry about, like work, relationships, current events, what to eat tonight and countless other items on their never-ending to-do list.

But what about their breath?

Is that a task on the to-do list? Probably not. (our brains do a good job taking care of it for us)

Let's not beat around the bush. Our society has, for a very long time, neglected the breath. We think, "So long as I am breathing, I am good." but we rarely, if ever, take the time to understand and adjust HOW we breathe.

The number of diseases and medical conditions caused by breathing incorrectly is astounding. We risk our future health and well-being by overlooking a small part of our experience. From mouth-breathing, paradoxical breathing, and several other modern adaptations of our breath, it's no wonder we are currently facing a severe health & mental health crisis.

It's time to take back what is ours.

The Benefits of Breath

  • cerebral circulation improving, relieving migraine headaches
  • memory sharpening
  • concentration skill developing
  • increasing stress resistance
  • vivacity during the whole day
  • anxiety reducing before serious events (public speaking, examinations, etc.)
  • boosting mood and improving general emotional background
  • relaxing after a hard day
  • sleep quality increasing
  • need for sleep reducing
  • lung vital capacity increasing, thus voice improving
  • reducing the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks
  • increasing physical endurance
  • reducing the frequency of catarrhal diseases
  • tissue immunity stimulating
  • regular exercise skills and self-discipline developing
  • reducing excessive appetite, which results in weight correction

Your Breath

The idea around "Your Breath" came to me after performing a quick breath-work session one evening. If you aren't familiar with breath work, it consists of voluntarily changing your inhales and exhales, leading to alterations in body & mind states.

After my session ended, I couldn't help but feel disconnected from the breathing track & exercise I was using. Sure, I got the advertised effect, but I still wasn't sure if this breathing track was what I NEEDED.

  • Is this breath track right for me?
  • Am I getting the most out of this exercise?
  • Do I need to be breathing this long?
  • Is there a better breathing technique I could be doing?
  • Am I doing this at the proper time?

So that got me thinking...

Most breathing tracks that exist are static. Meaning they don't change. The creator creates the video and then uploads it.

There is no mechanism for meaningful feedback in the current operating model. Both in terms of results and overall user experience. The tracks aren't personally made for YOU – they are designed for a general audience. It doesn't take into account YOUR body, context, preferences, and at the end of the day, YOUR health.

This area is ripe for disruption.

The Solution:

my first model of YOUR BREATH

Starting from the left, we have:

  • Health Data from users (HRV, Heart Rate, Sleep, BP)
  • User Preferences (goals, needs, contexts)

Which feeds into the "Your Breath" model/engine. The engine takes those parameters and creates a custom-built breathing track sent to a mobile app for immediate use.

This track is unique because it's custom-built for YOU. It considers multiple data points to predict which breathing technique, duration, and music style you will likely respond positively to in the PRESENT MOMENT.

You start with the end state in mind. Low on energy? Don't think about what technique to do; let the app first calibrate to where you are and then guide you to where you want to be, making minor & major adjustments while you're breathing.

All you got to do is tell the app how you want to feel and start breathing.

And the kicker? It adjusts in real time. Yes! That means that the app will listen to certain bio-markers (if the user has that connected) and adjust rhythm, technique, and duration to best accommodate each session with the user.

The engine is constantly learning. After each session, it receives user input (change in health data and qualitative measurements) and adjusts relevant parameters for the next time. Eventually, you'll get to a point where you have a set of 3-5 breathing tracks precisely calibrated to help you relax, wake up, focus, and sleep.

Imagine having access to a tool designed to help YOU be better—a reliable companion to help you work through the struggles of modern life, all at your fingertips.

No more guessing. No more wasted breath. Start breathing with Your Breath, and rediscover the healing power of your breath.

A breath to own model.

People who use the app and breathe with us will be cordially invited to join the Your Breath DAO. DAO members get to be a part of the product vision and will get access to our exclusive closed community.

If you found this idea interesting, feel free to reach out! Open to collaborating with people who resonate with this vision and feel as strongly about the breath as I do.

My telegram: @mindfulux

with love,