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To change is to burn

To change is to burn

'You can't do it.'

'It's too hard.'

Such are the whispers of our inner critic – a relentless voice that thrives in our moments of doubt and triumph, anchoring us to a 'negativity set-point.'

This voice acts like an alarm, triggered by the unfamiliar, even if it's positive.

Advancing, despite its clamour, feels like a descent into hell. It's painful, but there's a pivotal moment when its tirade ceases, leaving a silence. Beyond this cacophony lies clarity, a realization that the voice was mistaken.

There, a new self awaits.

Trials and tribulations forge us anew. We emerge from each challenge changed, reborn. The alteration is not perceptual; it's physiological, down to our DNA. These experiences gift us new memories, thoughts, and emotions – they are the crucible in which our continual rebirth takes shape.

When confronting fear and anxiety, remember that progress is imperative. Beyond these obstacles is the version of yourself you've always aspired to be. Embrace the journey, endure the metaphorical burns, and rise from the ashes.

Lean into fear, anxiety, and discomfort.

In doing so, you pave the way for a transformed, renewed self.