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Think Clearly

Think Clearly

"Let me think about it."

I have a problem with that sentence.

It implies that we are simply meant to meditate on things. To run in a mental circle, hoping for clarity to emerge magically.

It's BS.

Don't just think aimlessly. Think with a purpose.

Reflect. Ideate. Write down every thought that is running through your mind.

There is suffering in uncertainty. And we are most uncertain when aimlessly wandering around in our thoughts.

A truth...

The best choice is the choice we pick.

The choice we say "YES!" to, and devote our time, focus, and energy on.

That is the best choice.

Whatever we pick, whatever we focus on, it increases our learning. When our learning increases we discover even more things to learn about. It's exponential.

To find the truth...

Reflect on the 6 detective questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Reflect on how YOU & your mind interpret & operationalizes information.

Become active. Gather data. Write down your experiences. Analyze those experiences. Synthesize what you learn and create experiments to help create small changes.

All you need is small changes.

There is a risk you take to focus & be clear. And it's only with a risk that we can get any reward.

There is no honour in optionality.

Pick something, be devoted, love it fully, and let it love you.

Love it when it blows up in your face.

Love it when it takes you beyond the stars.

Love it when it dies.

Love it when it is re-born.

Love it.

with love,