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Summon, Target, and Grow Your Future

Summon, Target, and Grow Your Future

All that is good is already inside you.

You search for gold when you're already sitting on a diamond reserve.

It's there, but you ignore it.

Let's correct that.

You want to feel happy. So you think, "Well, I'm certainly not happy now, so what can I do to change that?".

You look to things, substances, or relationships to find relief from craving it. It's only obvious, right?


This is the problem.

It's a problem because it will keep positive states away from you. It says that something MUST happen FIRST for you to feel happy.

But is that true?

Causing an effect instead

Instead of waiting for something to make you feel good, take matters into your own hands and evoke those feelings within yourself.

You're probably thinking: "How the fuck do I do that? Is that even possible?"

Yes, it's possible.

Yes, it's something you can do.

You can feel abundance before your wealth.

You can feel whole before your healing.

You can feel love before any relationship.

The "Summon, Target, and Grow" Method

To do this, we'll follow a simple 3-step formula.

  1. Summon what you wish to experience
  2. Target where you wish to experience it
  3. Grow it with your attention


Give the LLM of your brain a prompt. It will take it, crunch some numbers, release countless neurochemicals, and return an emotion.

Ask your brain, "What would [positive emotional state] feel like?"

If you struggle, ask, "Do I have a memory of [positive emotional state]? What did that feel like?"

What would [positive emotional state] feel like?


Add a destination to your summon. A place in the body where you'd like to feel the emotion. That way, without a doubt, you know that this is working.

"What would wholeness feel like in my chest?"

"What would it feel like to have all my needs met in my belly?"


Rest your attention on the emotion that comes up.

Hebb's law states that neurons that fire together wire together. By focusing on this emotion, you're changing your brain so it can access this state on demand.

If you're new to this, the emotion will be very "quiet." It'll start as a small, insecure whisper in your body – but with time and attention – it will grow into a roar.

You'll have to remind your analytical mind to be open to the possibility that you can experience an emotion without a cause. It will buck and scream.

"You shouldn't feel this way."

"This isn't possible for me."

"This isn't logical."

Stay strong. Beliefs can be changed, too. All you need is some evidence and a whole lot of patience. And yes, this is very logical.

Sense the space this emotion takes up and use your imagination to expand it. If you asked to feel "wholeness in the heart," imagine it getting bigger and spreading across your whole body.

Let it grow and morph and change.

Let it wash over you.

Once it runs out of steam, let it go. It doesn't need to stick around forever. You now have the tools needed to bring it back whenever you want.

Putting it all together with an example

I want to feel abundant. I want to feel this deep in my gut. So, I ask:

"What would abundance feel like in my gut?" (combining steps 1+2)

I close my eyes and listen to my gut to see if I can "catch" the emotion. Finding it may take a few seconds, but I eventually do.

Next, I sense it. I breathe into it. I rest in it for as long as I can. (step 3)

I notice that it runs out of juice and slowly drifts away. I let it.

If I want to go again, I repeat the prompt. Otherwise, I continue with my day.

The implications of this.

If you think about what this means, you'll realize that you never needed anything besides a summon to feel what you want.

This is part of liberation. Why waste your time with trivial things if you can feel accomplished, successful, and prosperous today?

The analytical mind will argue: "How can I be prosperous without taking action? You're just saying I can feel good now, but how does that lead to more $$ in the bank? I can't see how this could work."

This process does not deny action. It simply opens you up to the "right action."

Action that is aligned with the emotions you wanted to feel all along.

If you're operating out of lack, you may make a lot of money but still feel lack. You won't feel any different. The money will not change your state of being for long.

If you're operating out of abundance, does it even matter the amount of money that comes in? You're already feeling what you wanted to feel. It's here now.

The added benefit is that operating out of abundance will probably lead to more money as a side effect. But the actual money becomes unimportant. It isn't even that great.

The feeling is what you wanted this whole time.

The emotional state you operate out of is important. Think of it as the "context" for your actions and subsequent results.

This means you can design the life you want today—no need to wait.

Just summon, target, and grow it.