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Predictive Products

Predictive Products

Imagine being able to 'edit reality in real-time.'

Picture a system that, equipped with the right data, can intuitively understand:

  • Your immediate context
  • Your constraints
  • Your objectives

For instance, you plan to catch an 11 a.m. flight to New York City. Here's the scenario:

Goal: Reach New York City.

Context: You're home, 11 km from the airport, accompanied by your dog.

Constraint: You have a budget of $75 for airport travel. It's 9:30 a.m., and public transit isn't an option for your pet.

Through sensors, manual input, or real-time analysis, the system picks up these details and begins crafting solutions. It might offer:

  • Option 1: A dog-friendly Uber ride to Terminal B within 10 minutes, ensuring you reach Gate C5 by 10:45 a.m.
  • Option 2: Cancel your current flight and book a more affordable private flight via Airble.

This system can offer custom:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Experiences

However, it demands near-perfect information and open systems for optimal functioning.

Though it may take time to develop and refine, imagine the potential: high-quality, real-time solutions tailored to your specific needs, shareable and customizable.

This ambient system, operating discreetly, could revolutionize how we navigate our daily lives.