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Life Fundamentals #3 - Fix Procrastination Forever

Life Fundamentals #3 - Fix Procrastination Forever

Using the BEDS-M technique will abolish your procrastination.


Guaranteed. (so long as you follow it COMPLETELY)

The magic sauce. All on 1 page.

I learned this technique from Dr. Justin Sung (icanstudy.com) and its changed my life.

I literally cannot procrastinate. This method, if followed, can and will solve your procrastination too.

B - Burn your ship πŸ”₯πŸ›₯️

So there was this guy, HernΓ‘n CortΓ©s, and around 1519 he showed up with a bunch of guys to the "new world".

Upon arriving, he burnt the ships. The message to his people was very clear:

There is no turning back.

so we must succeed.

I don't like what Cortes did. He hurt a lot of people.

But the link to procrastination is this.

Create a consequence for yourself.

So what might this practically look like?

Imagine you have an assignment due tomorrow and you've really been dragging your feet. A possible consequence you could create is calling your friend and saying you'll give him 100 bucks if you don't complete the assignment by tonight.

Give yourself some type of pass/fail criteria.

By doing this you've "burnt the ship". You now have real skin in the game.

And who wants to lose $100? Not me.

Or... You can do what my friend Eli did.

He started a challenge for himself: challenge.eliqian.xyz where he publically announced his body recomposition goal.

Other people, including myself, minted the NFT that came along with this challenge and if he doesn't make it – he has to pay us all ~$14 each.

Pick a consequence that will hurt.

E - Environment (manage it) 🌳🌳

Become the manager of your working space.

If your setup looks like this:

what the hell...

You're NGMI. (not gonna make it)

Make your working space very clean and minimal:

like this

Make some ground rules for yourself:

  • No phone in the office during working periods
  • No food in the office
  • Keep your desk clean and clutter-free
  • Don't let your pets distract you
  • Avoid email
  • Turn off notifications on your desktop
hide your cookies

I love cookies.

I see a cookie. I eat a cookie.

If I don't see a cookie. I don't eat a cookie.

That's the premise. If you don't see a distraction. You won't think to use it.

Hide your phone somewhere hard to reach. Unplug your TV. Place a heavy couch in front of your door so you can't leave.

D - Distraction List (Make one) πŸ“πŸ“

my list of distractions

Laila is my dog btw.

The point: make a running list of all the things that distract you.

Before each working session – review your distraction list and prime your mind to be aware of them.

When they inevitably come up, relax & become very aware of the distraction. Refer to your distraction list and affirm to yourself that this is not something you want to be doing.

S - Schedule πŸ“…πŸ“…

my schedule

This step is dead simple.

Have a calendar. Block out times of the day.

But here's the secret:

Title each time block with your MVG (minimum-viable goal) which we will expand upon below.

If you want to study math – don't label the block "study 2 hours of math"

Label it – "Go to the desk and open your textbook" or "Read 2 words of the book"

That way it makes your calendar look DEAD simple. And your brain will not freak out or feel overwhelmed.

M - Minimum Viable Goals πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

Simply put, a minimum-viable goal is the smallest action you can take right now to move you towards starting and eventually accomplishing your goal.

look at all the steps you need to go through just to start.

If you have scheduled time to read your book but you're currently sitting on the couch then a good MVG might be:

  1. Look away from the screen – that's all.
  2. Stand up – but no more.
  3. Get some water – but you can always go back.
  4. Walk to your desk – no need to sit down.
  5. Open book – ah, maybe just 1 sentence.
  6. Start reading – just 1 page more.

You see?

Start with immensely small actions, you have no excuse not to. Turning your head away is not difficult.

Next thing you know – you've read 50 pages without a sweat.



Follow the BEDS-M technique in its ENTIRETY.

You cannot MISS a letter in this. If you miss 1 – the whole system fails.

So I challenge you. Give it a try for 1 task.

Burn your boat.

Manage your environment.

Create a distraction list.

Have a schedule

Create your minimum viable goals

And off you go!

With love

thanks for reading!