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Life Fundamentals #2 - Love Fear

Life Fundamentals #2 - Love Fear
comfort -> fear -> growth


Let's take a look at the "BOX"

We're mostly sitting in the green "comfort zone" but WE MUST cross fear to get to growth.

This framework has made me bolder. happier. smarter.

It's simple but HARD.

The high-level takeaway is:

Scare yourself. Tremendously.

That way you know you're growing.

We spend lots of time in our comfort zone. This is the natural state of the mind, more specifically, the EGO.

Our ego is playing a fun game...

It wants to keep our sense of identity constant but also tries to stop our sense of identity from changing.

It's in a weird tug-of-war scenario.

But it's not just our minds, it's our brains too.

Our Crystal yet Malleable Brains

Our brains form certain neuronal highways.

These highways tend to stay fixed. They don't really want to change.


Because it's a known variable. Your brain (and the rest of the body) have survived for this long – so why change?

And so you remain in a state of homeostasis. The comfort zone.


So... Think about WHY you're scared of doing that new thing that you know might lead to improvement?

Any thought (excuse) you come up with is simply just the expression of the comfort zone. Your mind will rationalize away doing this new thing and if that doesn't work...

It'll use emotion. Fear.

Fear is an incredibly powerful driver. But in the wrong direction.

That's the lesson I want to share with you.

Lesson: Alter the direction of fear

Here is a fact that I want to leave with you.

Anything new, whether it be a new behavior, thought process, or identity, will and must evoke FEAR.

And so I want you to embrace fear. Understand that when you feel fear, you're crossing the chasm between your comfort zone and growth.

You're doing the right thing.

Eventually, you'll cross the fear point and your body/mind will find a new equilibrium – in growth.


FEAR is a given. It is a natural part of growth. Expect it. Work with it. But most importantly, understand that it will go away. And in its place – you'll be left with a better you.