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Every storm runs out of rain 🌧️

It's been one of those weeks.

You've got a cloud over your head.

"What the hell am I doing with my life." you think.

Inside, you've got a brew of emotions bubbling up—a pinch of anxiety, a splash of fear, a smidgen of confusion.

Right in the middle of your chest, you can feel it just sitting there—that cloud.

"How can I make it stop? It just won't go away," you ask yourself.

WHOOSH! Suddenly, a flurry of thoughts & ideas come flashing through your awareness. Your inner orator picks up on a few notable ones.

"Ah! If you started that business, you wouldn't feel this way."

"That person you like, what if you asked them out? Maybe they could be a source of relief."

"Partying always seems to work? Let's hit the town!"

It continues to serve up objects, activities, substances or relationships.

It continues to serve up symptomatic fixes.

It tries to be helpful. But you end up distracted.

But you, the real you, already know something. That something has been drowned out by that loud narrator of your life—the one that is reciting these words right now – that one.

There is a rather quiet voice. Not wholly silent but close. It continues to speak silently, to console, to whisper things. It isn't anything you can hear, but it is something you can feel.

It has a rather profound message. Each message entirely unique for the receiver.

Mine feels like a slight twinkle.

A small spark.

Your's might feel like a small stream—a tiny rumble of good.

A place that I call your universal good.

Once you can find that little blissful pocket in your heart, invite it to spread.

Let it consume your heart.

Let it set your heart on FIRE.

It will be your shelter while it's still raining.

It will keep you warm.

It will keep you grounded.

It is the fire that has kept humanity warm for thousands of years, from the harshest of hurricanes to the coldest of blizzards. It alone remains.

And it is available to you as it is available to me.

All that is needed is a receptive attitude. Stop going 100km/h because you'll miss it otherwise.

Breath in. Sigh & relax. Turn inwards. The thread is always there. Your attention is what fuels it. Your attention causes the spread. You don't have to do anything. Just feel good and bask in its warmth. Just feel good.

The storm will continue, but eventually, it will run out of rain.

But the funny thing is that you will no longer care because you are warm regardless. Storm or no storm. You still have a place in your heart to rest.

And it is here, in your universal good, where you can see beyond your negative feelings. Instead, you give yourself a chance to feel something else. To choose a better way.

Slip into this new mode of being. It has a gravity to it. Pay attention to wherever it might be in your heart, and it will eventually grow in strength. To a point where you don't care too much about the outside world because your inner world is more than good enough.

Breathe it in. And let it spread.

with love

If you struggle with finding the twinkle, the spark, try this guided meditation: