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Energetic jiu-jitsu

Energetic jiu-jitsu

8-10 minute long read that'll change your emotional life. I'm so confident that I'll buy you lunch if it doesn't work.

E = MC^2

This equation tells us that "everything is energy."

All the material things in our universe is just energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Things seem solid just because that is how our brain interprets that energy.

It's all an interpretation. They say that art is what you make of it, which means that your present-moment experience is the most incredible work of art ever to exist.

This moment is wholly new & ever-green. It's never the same. It can never be experienced again. It's an infinite 1/1 piece of art.

Our bodies are energy.

Our minds are made up of energy too.

So are negative emotions. Traumatic events. Resistance & reaction. It's all some derivative form of the same energy.

Energy flows through us. We are energy.

Our life experience is simply an interpretation of the energy field we so happen to find ourselves living in.

But the energy we label as negative emotion is a problem.

We don't like that stuff.

It's a yucky feeling. "Ew... Stay away."

But if it was only ever energy, then what's the problem?

Why the need for it to go away? It's just energy? Right?

The Limbic System Interprets & Makes Meaning Of Energy

The limbic system is the "I feel x, y, z" part of your brain.

But you don't feel the emotion in your brain, right?

No. You feel it in the body.

Things happen in the brain. Signals get sent to the body. Emotions are felt in specific places.

Anxiety in the throat.

Love in the heart.

Fear in the stomach.

Lust in the groin.

It originates in the brain but manifests in the body.

Energy Is Always Moving, But Negative Emotions Sometimes Get Stuck

How can something that is constantly moving get stuck?

By spinning in place.

Have you ever felt a particular negative emotion that you know very well? It's an emotion you often feel and can't do much about.

The Spinning Is The Key

Well, after understanding how energy, in the form of negative emotions, works in the body, wouldn't it then make sense that re-occurring negative emotions are just pockets of energy caught spinning in place?

How can we expect the emotion to resolve if the energy isn't dealt with?

This is a typical example of tolerating a symptom without thinking about its root.

Remember E=MC^2

Everything is energy. That means energy is the root of all. If we deal with the energy, then there's a chance that those negative emotions can finally resolve.

Dealing With Yucky Feelings

To stop the constant spinning of energy that results in negative emotions, we've got to find some way to unfurl it once again.

Find a way to let it flow in & out freely without getting stuck.

Fern frond unfurling new life
It's tightly wound || Photo by Sandy Millar / Unsplash

There is a way. And I want to share it with you.

We can unfurl this energy. There is a method. And you're going to learn it right now.

Think of this like energetic cleaning. You will still have the ability to FEEL negative emotions.

The difference is that they won't stick around as long.

We never want to limit our experience of life. It's all energy at the end of the day.

All we'll do is help it if it gets stuck.

Energetic Jiu-Jitsu (The Process)

Don't be overwhelmed. It takes ~5 seconds to do with practice!

So, there are a few steps to this process. We'll go through each, and I will end with an example that goes through everything, end-2-end.

1) Connect

We need to connect with our emotions. The only way to clean them up is to have a line of communication with our inner world.

Go somewhere quiet. Close your eyes. Turn the outside world off.

1.1) Start doing some HRV Resonance breathing.

How to do HRV Resonance

There are 3 main principles to HRV Resonance breathing.
1. Your breathing should be less than 7 breaths per minute
2. Don't pause on the inhale or exhale
3. Exhalations should always be longer than inhales.


Breathe for 4 seconds, immediately breathe out for 6 seconds, immediately breathe in for 4 seconds, and repeat for 5-10 minutes.

Don't pause at the top or bottom.

If you do this breathing, you might notice things happening in your body like:

  1. Your hands get warm and heavy
  2. You feel a slight tingle in your lips, spine or anywhere in your body

This is good! This breathing syncs our heart rate with our breath rate, creating resonance. Without resonance, the following steps are less effective.

Resonance breathing is our foundation. It gives us coherence.

1.2) Interoception

Interoception is your ability to sense what is happening inside your body.

Take a few seconds to scan your body and note if anything interesting is happening.

You'll have three primary experiences:

  1. Emotions
  2. Thoughts
  3. Sensations

See which ones are currently here. Look around.

Illustration by Zoë van Dijk

1.3) Find a specific negative emotion

This should be easy.

We tend to run away from our emotions. So running towards them should be really easy.

Ask your brain, "What memory do I have that makes me feel negative emotions?"

As soon as you find something, let that negative feeling in.

Notice where in the body those feelings arise.

Is it in the chest? In the stomach area? In the throat? Near your groin? Is it in a mixture of places?

What if you don't want to look through your memories?

That's all good. Just use interoception and try to find any negative emotion that currently exists in your body right now.

Make a note of where it is.


Continue the HRV breathing, or let it go if you feel grounded.

In the last step, we asked our brain to surface a negative emotion related to a particular subject or any negative emotion we're presently feeling.

At this point, you'll want to increase the RESOLUTION of this emotion. It may come across as fuzzy with your inner-sensing tools; we don't want that.

You make the emotion more clear by:

  1. Keeping your attention on it
  2. Seeing if it has any notable characteristics
  3. Finding its outline

Point #1 is simple. Just hold on to the emotion.

Point #2 means you can take the time to give this emotion any attributes, characteristics or qualities.

For example, an emotion arises, and you may interpret that emotion as having a green colour. Or you might give it the name "jealousy." Stuff like that.

Point #3 asks you to draw a mental outline or a boundary around that emotion. Thoroughly examine its edges. Feel free to use your imagination & your inner feeling sense to help you do this.

credits: Melinda Walker

While holding the emotion, don't let go; ask yourself this question:

"Would it be okay for my unconscious mind to let go of this emotion?"

Don't think of an answer. See if an answer in thought form comes up naturally. See what pops into your head.

"YES!" you might feel.

"NO!" you might also feel.

If you feel yes, then feel free to move on.

If you feel no, then take time to journal about why not. Come back to this emotion often, don't force it. You'll get permission eventually.


We've done HRV, Connection, and Grabbing. We also have Consent from the unconscious.

It's now time to clean!

OM JAPA means mentally placing an OM vibration in the area where the emotion is felt.

Exact Instructions

  1. Grab & hold the emotion. Don't let it go.
  2. Mentally say "OM" right in the middle of that emotion wherever you feel it in the body. Place it there.
  3. Check if the emotion has changed in any way.
  4. If it's still there, say "OM" again
  5. If not, then move on to the next emotion

Why does this work?

Remember I said something earlier about how the brain can't store emotions but uses the body instead?

What we're doing is disrupting this process with the OM Japa. By mentally placing these mantric bombs inside our emotions, we agitate the energy circling and encourage it to unfurl.

By mentally placing these mantric bombs inside our emotions, we agitate the energy circling and encourage it to unfurl.

You'll know if it's working if you go back and check on the emotion and notice that its intensity has weakened or wholly dissipated.

The Rings of Emotion (Layers)

You may expect that the emotion will dissolve immediately. It likely won't.


Because there are layers of emotions, you remove one or a few layers with each OM JAPA you do.

Keep going until you are empty.

starts full
ends up empty

5) Check

Take the time to see if any lingering emotion is left. If there is anything, go through the process again. It'll be worth the investment.

You might even begin to feel a bit of bliss at this point, especially if you've been working with the heart a lot.

Enjoy it! You did the work, so you deserve a reward.

6) Next Emotion!

Once you're ready, feel free to move on to the next experience & repeat the process all over again.

The process

  1. Do HRV breathing
  2. Interocept! (What's going on inside you right now?)
  3. Pick a negative experience with a negative emotional charge
  4. Connect with it (Focus, Label and Outline)
  5. Ask for consent to let it go
  6. Mentally chant "OM" in the area of the emotion (peel a layer)
  7. Keep peeling layers until you cannot interocept that emotion anymore
  8. Move on to the next emotion

A real example

Let's walk through an example.

Negative emotion has just appeared in my chest. I notice the tendency to distract myself or stuff this emotion away come over me. I remind myself, "No, we have a process for this."

I deepen my breath, close my eyes, and try to find the boundaries of the emotion. I imagine it's like a balloon, and I try to find its edge using my inner feeling senses.

I get a 360-degree view of everything.

Holding onto this outline, I ask my unconscious: "Listen, pal, we've got to get this energy moving. Is it okay to let this go?"

I get the intuition that it's alright.

While still holding the emotion, I mentally place the "OM" sound wherever I feel it in the body. I imagine that the OM is breaking the energy up. I then become sensitive to how that emotion now feels. Has anything changed? Has there been a felt sense that something has changed?

Something small usually shifts. Typically it's just a reduction in the intensity of the emotion. Other times it's the complete removal of the emotion.

I continue to place these mental OM BOMBS on the emotion until it feels like it has passed through me.

I check one last time. "All good!"

All done. Off I go back into the world!

if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below

with love,