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Create Wonderful Things.

Create Wonderful Things.
“There’s lots of ways to be, as a person. And some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there..." —Steve Jobs, 2007

What is a wonderful thing?

To me, making something wonderful is the deepest expression of truth.

You take elements and put them together in ways no one has experienced before. It’s a scary endeavour that many people seldom try, but for the select few who do, it’s pure bliss and terror.

The amazing thing is that making something “wonderful” is completely subjective. And so the only opinion that matters is yours. Do you think that the thing is wonderful? Then it is wonderful. People can say all they want about it, but at the end of the day, the only person you need to convince is you.

The potential of this goes so much further than you might think. Beyond just being an idea to consider, it can completely reframe your approach to life.

A New Approach: Always Be Creating Wonderful Things

Let’s build on this idea of creating wonderful things.

What if it wasn’t just an idea?

What if it wasn’t just a saying?

What if it was a lifestyle?

What if you could always be creating things you find wonderful?

A fusion of – Always creating + Make something wonderful.

The power of this fusion cannot be understated. It asks 2 things of you. The first is always to be making things. To habitually act in ways that lead to creation, not consumption. To be moving forward & putting things into the world, always.

The second is to only work on things that you find wonderful. It’s not that the output needs to be wonderful.

It’s that you find the whole process wonderful.

A thing is not just the end product. It’s all the pieces that roll up into a final result.

The stuff that no one else sees.

Make it a horizon goal

Imagine a horizon. Now, pick a point on this horizon.

This is your north star. This is your direction. You intend to create wonderful things. And this goal is evidence of that.

A goal is not a place to go. It's a place to come from.

I strongly believe that when humans create wonderful things, they themselves start to become wonderful. It becomes a trait, something fundamental to who they are. And once you have that, it can never be taken away.

A question to ask yourself each day

Here is a prompt you can use daily to help you create a habit of constantly making wonderful things.

What is 1 wonderful thing you can create today? (Provide 10 options)

After asking yourself this question, write down a list of 10 things you can create today. You don’t have to finish them today, but you can start.

Try not to pick things that have elements you cannot directly control (like publishing a book, etc.)

Pick things that you have full control & dominion over. You may choose to write a book but don't expect it to be published since others must approve it.

Pick things that can't be gate-kept.

Take just one step forward

Once you imagine wonderful things you can create, take 1 step towards it. Find a small win. And be open to new opportunities & avenues that come up.

What you think you will create and actually create will be different. So drop any expectations and prepare yourself to be surprised.

Optimize for small, incremental additions to your creation.

I take a layered approach to creation. I start with the big picture and connect together the big ideas I want to express. Once a structure is created, I move on to other details & elements to fill that structure.

Find your style.

From an attitude to a lifestyle

This isn’t just an attitude. A figment of our imagination. It’s an opportunity to change the beliefs we hold about reality. It’s a chance to adjust the course of our lives. A way to allow for new possibilities.

And all we've got to do is hold the horizon goal to: Always be creating wonderful things.