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Always Be Creating (ABC)

There's this story about a pottery class that I enjoy.

At the beginning of the semester. The professor of the class splits the class into 2 groups.

  1. People are graded on the quality of 1 pot at the end of the semester
  2. People are graded on the number of pots they make (total weight)

The semester goes by and at the end, an outside expert comes by to grade the work.

The expert ends up ranking the group of people who were graded on the number of pots they made HIGHER than the people graded on quality.

The lesson?

Perfection is stupid.

Habitually Create

The students that churned out pots ended up with MORE pots but also BETTER pots on average.


They had less pressure to build a perfect pot.

They felt more willing to experiment.

They didn't attach themselves to any one pot.

Let Go.

There is no need to be perfect. That is not the proxy for greatness.

Get your iterations in.

Keep trying. Keep going until it wouldn't make sense for your work NOT to be good.

That way you can experiment with the medium. Learn what works & what doesn't. Push your tools to the limits & go beyond the boundaries of what you think you should make.

Always. Be. Creating.

with love,