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100% Responsibility

100% Responsibility

Let's play a fun game.

Just for a second, imagine that YOU are GOD. That YOU are the infinite creator of the universe.

That every sunrise and every sunset was made by YOU. The twinkle of a star, the whisper of the wind, the trickle of the stream. All you.

As the creator of this all – I just have one question.

Doesn't this mean that you, alone, are 100% responsible for all that happens in the universe?

That since you birthed this universe, it is also your responsibility to care for it?

It would be. Right?

Remember Yourself.

I have always wondered why people feel victimized by life.

Things happen. The universe started with a singular cause and we're simply just experiencing the effects of that.

But what if we stopped?

What if we, pretended, just for a second, that WE are 100% responsible for the current experience we're having? Life isn't happening to us, but rather we're creating life as we live it.

What if we took 100% responsibility for everything? All of our problems, all of the negative stuff we see, all of the stuck energy.

The terrible news. The broken relationships. The insecurity. It's all ours to radically accept & take ownership of.

The sadness. The suffering. It all counts.

"Ok? But why should I take responsibility?"

So you'll never be a victim ever again.

So that you can give yourself a gift that can never be taken away.

So that you can find peace.

The relationship between internal cleaning & radical responsibility

I am not asking you to immediately take responsibility for everything in the universe. I am merely suggesting taking 100% responsibility for the experience you're having RIGHT NOW.

My 5 senses are currently picking up on an infinite # of data points. That information is then distorted, deleted, and generalized by my brain.

Emotions are then infused into experiences. If the brain deems a certain experience as important, it will safely store it away in memory.

Our responsibility is to clean these memories.

We've been conditioned. Face it. We all have.

This conditioning exists as a by-product of the memories we've stored. It's these memories and the data encoded within them that heavily influence the direction of our lives.

What we do.

What we say.

How we show up in the world. Our memories all have an influence.

The problem is that we didn't choose these memories and some of them are probably holding us back from being at peace.

It's our work to reverse that conditioning and return back to our innocence. To clean our memories of the corrupt data.

This is the path the peace. Clean the memories. Clean the conditioning.

How to clean.

Cleaning is relatively easy.

Here is how I do it.

I realize when I am being plagued by memories which often are fear-based thoughts, emotions, or actions.

I become aware of them, and I remember that I can clean these memories.

I mentally connect with it.

I then repeat & deeply feel these four phrases:


When I say "I Love You" I bring a quality of acceptance & love to whatever this negative internal object (thought, emotion, urge, whatever) is. I continually repeat this until I actually start to feel a small feeling of love for it.

This phrase helps dislodge stuck energy.

When I then say "I Am Sorry", I am acknowledging that this memory has likely caused me to suffer many times before. I repeat this phrase until I really feel that my body is responding to my apology.

This phrase starts to transform the energy.

I then say "Please Forgive Me". I don't say this to the memory at this point, I say it to that who is holding onto the memory (my subconscious mind or the INNER CHILD). I imagine (with active imagination) that myself and my inner child embrace & make amends.

This phrase starts to move the energy.

I end with "Thank You". A deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to meet with this memory, to free it of its job, to make amends with the one who had to suffer with the memory, and we now get to say goodbye.

This phrase lets the energy go.

You have agency.

Your choice in life is simple.

  1. Clean
  2. Don't clean

You can either continue to be dictated to & live by your unconscious conditioning or you can make the CHOICE to clean everything.

Question everything. Is what you experience coming from the heart or is it coming from past, hurtful memories?

I will always choose to clean.

What will you do?